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President: Email:
Dean Grote
4072 Blue Hill Road
Hanover, PA 17331
Eileen Shrey
54 Adams Road
New Freedom, PA 17349
Flags - 16" x 16" red flags as described in NARCOA Rule Book #14. The price is $7.5 for a plain red flag and $12.50 for a red flag with reflective tape. Let me know if you want the reflective tape to show when you put the flag out the right hand side of the railcar, a right hand side flag or if the other side, then a left hand side flag. Please specify or purchase a pair. Flags have 30" long wooden handles. Shipping is extra - approximately $8 for two flags in US. I can deliver to anyone at railcar meets or email me with your order. Eileen Shrey, 54 Adams Road, New Freedom, PA 17349. Checks or Pay Pal.
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Gary Shrey  - 2016 Hank Brown EC of the year winner
Dean Grote
Dale Steiner
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Boomer John Schmidt
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